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Serpentine Mountain Trail

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|name=Serpentine Mountain Trail
|jtrans=Mt.Suspicious StrangeMountain Pass
|image=Serpentine Mountain Trail.png
'''Serpentine Mountain Trail''' (Japanese: '''アヤカシ{{tt||やま}}{{tt|小道|こみち}}''' ''Mt.Suspicious StrangeMountain Pass'') is a [[Mystery Dungeon|dungeon]] in [[Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon]] that is located on the [[Water Continent]]. It is unlocked during Chapter 12 of the story. During {{p|Slowking}}'s [[Connection Orb]] mission, the stairs on 8F will lead to [[Bustling Valley]].
==Pokémon encountered==
| style="background: #FFF; {{roundybr|5px}}"| 2F, 5F
==In other languages==
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|fr=Sente de l'Esprit Sauvage
|de=Mysteriöser Bergpfad
|it=Sentiero Mostruoso
|es=Senda Monstruosa
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