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Road to Primeval Forest

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|name=Road to Primeval Forest
|jtrans=Path to the Forest of OriginBeginning
|image=Road to Primordial Forest.png
'''Road to Primeval Forest''' (Japanese: '''はじまりの{{tt||もり}}への{{tt||みち}}''' ''Path to the Forest of OriginBeginning'') is an unrevisitable [[Mystery Dungeon|dungeon]] in [[Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon]] that is located in the [[Sea of Wonders]]. It is the road to the [[Tree of Life]], and is visited by the {{player}} and their partner as part of the final portion of the main story.
On the first visit, the player and partner are accompanied by {{mdc|Celebi|smd}}, [[Expedition Society|Jirachi, Ampharos]], and [[Students (Super Mystery Dungeon)|Espurr]]. During the boss battle against {{mdc|Nuzleaf|smd}}, two {{mdc|Beheeyem|smd}}, and {{mdc|Yveltal|smd}}, the player's and partner's scarves light up and they [[evolution|evolve]] temporarily.
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==In other languages==
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|fr=Route de la Forêt Initiale
|de=Wald des Anfangs
|it=Sentiero Bosco dell'Inizio
|es=Camino al Bosque del Inicio