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* The first names of [[Delia Ketchum|Ash's mother]], {{an|Professor Oak}}, and [[Professor Ivy]] were first revealed in this movie.
* [[Lawrence III]]'s actions in this movie were set in motion due to an {{TCG ID|The Power of One|Ancient Mew|promo}} card. This is the only movie to feature a Pokémon card.
* This is the first movie where {{an|Brock}} isn't a main character, though he has a cameo; when Professor Ivy calls Professor Oak to inform him of the unstable weather situation, Brock can be seen in the background, running from side to side in a frenzy (presumably doing multiple chores at the same time, as he can be seen carrying a {{p|Nidorina}} and a {{p|Paras}}). He is also seen in a picture in Ash's house in Pallet Town and making various poses in the background of a video conversation between Professors Ivy and Oak. Brock would be a main character in every other following movie until [[M14|the first ''Best Wishes'' series]] movie]], in which he makes no appearance.
* Some of the Pokémon shown on the cover are never actually seen in the movie.
* On the front cover, it appears as if Ash's undershirt is white, but it's actually black.