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==In the anime==
[[File:JessadiaLilian Mayyellow Interviewcards.png|thumb|left|220px|[[Jessie|Jessadia]]Lilian interviewingissuing {{an|May}}yellow cards]]
In the {{pkmn|anime}}, Pokémon Contest announcers are responsible for explaining the proceedings to spectators and providing running commentary. At the audiencebeginning of the competition, introducingthey will introduce the people making the [[Contest Judge|panel of judges]], welcomingand eachshow the prize [[Ribbon]] that the winning [[Pokémon Coordinator]] will receive. During the [[Appeal|Performance Stage]], they will welcome each contestant on stage, and showingask for the prizejudges' opinions. Once all Coordinators have performed and the judges have reached a decision, the announcer will make the results known and start the [[RibbonContest Battle|Battle Stage]]. atIn thethis beginninground, they keep track of time and help enforce the competitionrules, issuing {{wp|penalty card}}s if needed.
An unnamed announcer appeared in ''[[AG013|All Things Bright and Beautifly!]]'' during the [[Rustboro City]] [[Pokémon Contest]]. Starting with ''[[AG035|Win, Lose or Drew!]]'', [[Vivian Meridian|Vivian]] fulfilled the emcee duties for every other Pokémon Contest held in the [[Hoenn]] [[region]] and the [[Hoenn Grand Festival]] as well. She hosted every competition in a formal and ceremonious way, much like the host of an award ceremony.
[[File:Jessadia May Interview.png|thumb|220px|[[Jessie|Jessadia]] interviewing {{an|May}}]]
The younger sister of Vivian, [[Lilian Meridian|Lilian]], was introduced in ''[[AG143|The Saffron Con]]'' as the announcer for the [[Kanto]] Pokémon Contests. Unlike her sister, Lilian's style as an announcer was more in line with that of a {{wp|Sports commentator|sportscaster}}. In addition, she was always trying to get the audience pumped up and create a cheerful atmosphere in the [[Contest Hall]]s. This was noted by {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}}, who commented how the crowd in Kanto Contest Halls differed from the ones in Hoenn.