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Type-affected game mechanics
{{cat|moves that change a Pokémon's type|Some moves}} can change the type of a Pokémon. For example, {{m|Camouflage}} changes the user's type to a type corresponding to the battlefield terrain. Abilities can also change the type of a Pokémon. So far, the only such Abilities are {{a|Color Change}}, {{a|Multitype}}, {{a|Protean}}, and {{a|RKS System}}.
Additionally, the type of {{cat|moves that change type|some moves}} may depend on the circumstances they are used in; for example, {{m|Weather Ball}} may be Fire-, Water-, Ice-, Rock-, or Normal-type depending on the [[weather]] it is used in. Additionally, there are {{cat|Abilities that can modify move types}}, as well as three moves ({{m|Electrify}}, {{m|Ion Deluge}}, and {{m|Plasma Fists}}).
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