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[[File:Young N anime.png|thumb|250px|left|N as a child]]
N first appeared briefly inIn the endunaired of ''[[BW109BW024 (unaired)|New Places... Familiar Faces!episode]]''., HeTeam wasPlasma formallygrunts introducedstate intheir ''[[BW110|Thedesire Name'sis N!]]'',to whereliberate hePokemon investigatedfor "the ruinshero", ofobviously the [[P2 Laboratory]] and discovered data relatedrefering to {{p|Genesect}}N. LaterHowever, hedue metto withthe {{Ash}}cancellation andof {{ashfr}}this whenepisode theyas werewell leavingas theirrelease ship.of WhileBlack Ash2 and theWhite others were {{pkmn|training}}2, {{AP|Snivy}} and {{AP|Pikachu}} were attacked by [[Jessie's Frillish]]'s {{m|Shadow Ball}}, but N savedis them.never Heshow immediately befriended Pikachu, showingin his specialoriginal abilityincarnation within the Pokémonanime.
N first appeared briefly in the end of ''[[BW109|New Places... Familiar Faces!]]'' based on his Black 2 and White 2 incarnation. He is formally introduced in ''[[BW110|The Name's N!]]'', where he investigated the ruins of the [[P2 Laboratory]] and discovered data related to {{p|Genesect}}. Later, he met with {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} when they were leaving their ship. While Ash and the others were {{pkmn|training}}, {{AP|Snivy}} and {{AP|Pikachu}} were attacked by [[Jessie's Frillish]]'s {{m|Shadow Ball}}, but N saved them. He immediately befriended Pikachu, showing his special ability with the Pokémon.
He claimed not to have met {{p|Reshiram}}, although he was shown meeting it as a child in a flashback. He was surprised when he heard that Ash had seen {{p|Zekrom}}, but was visibly disturbed when Ash said that his goal is to become a [[Pokémon Master]]. After that, N helped save Ash's Pikachu and [[Iris's Axew]] when {{TRT}} tried to steal them. When they parted ways, N told Ash that although the worlds they seek are different, he hopes they can still get along.