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#REDIRECT [[List of Key Items in the Orre region#Bonsly Photo]]{{ItemInfobox/head
|name=Bonly Photo
|jtrans=Usohachi Photo
|colorscheme=Key items
{{ItemInfobox/BagRowBottom|III|Key items}}
The '''Bonsly Photo''' (Japanese: '''ウソハチ・フォト''' ''{{tt|Usohachi|Bonsly}} Photo'') is a [[Key Item]] exclusive to {{g|XD: Gale of Darkness}}.
==In the games==
{{ItemPrice/head‎|Key items}}
====Passive effect====
The Bonsly Photo displays a picture of {{p|Bonsly}} and serves no other practical purpose.
{{movedesc|key items}}
{{movedescentry|{{gameabbrevss|XD}}|The <sc>[[Battle Bingo|Bingo]]</sc> prize for winning using the <sc>{{DL|Battle Bingo|Bonsly Card}}</sc>.}}
{{ItemAvailability/keyhead|Key items}}
| {{gameabbrevss|XD}}
| [[Realgam Tower]] (reward for clearing the {{DL|Battle Bingo|Bonsly Card}} for the first time)
==In other languages==
{{Langtable|color={{key items color}}|bordercolor={{key items color light}}
|fr=Photo Manzai
|it=Foto Bonsly
|es=Foto Bonsly
==See also==
* [[List of Key Items in the Orre region]]
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[[Category:Key Items]]
[[Category:Award items]]
[[de:Exklusive Items (Colosseum und XD)#Mobai-Foto]]
[[it:Elenco degli strumenti base nella regione di Auros#Foto Bonsly]]