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Alakazam (Pokémon)

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Minor appearances
An Alakazam appeared in ''[[EP156|The Psychic Sidekicks!]]'' as one of the Pokémon living in [[Len Town]].
{{Gary himself}} has an Alakazam that he may or may not have caught, as an Abra or a Kadabra. This Alakazam was seen in Gary'shis profile in ''[[EP269|The Ties that Bind!]]''.
An Alakazam appeared in [[PK13]].
A {{pkmn|Coordinator}}'s Alakazam was used during the [[Hoenn Grand Festival]] in ''[[AG122|Deceit and Assist]]''.
A Coordinator's Alakazam appeared in ''[[AG144|A Hurdle for Squirtle]]'', where it was competing in the [[Saffron City]] [[Pokémon Contest]].
An Alakazam was living in an abandoned mining colony with several other Psychic-type Pokémon in ''[[AG146|Fear Factor Phony]]''.