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Characteristics: Rephrasing, added info about anatomic similarity with reference to Edna
Humans in variousthe age[[Pokémon groupsworld]] haveappear beento shownbe inbiologically allsimilar sourcesto ofhumans Pokémonin media,the whilereal infantsworld. haveAlthough seldom been seen andinfants very rarely appear in, the {{pkmn|anime}}. Thehas exactconfirmed biologicalthat relationshiphumans, betweensuch humansas and[[Edna]], Pokémoncan isget unclearpregnant. According to [[Sinnoh Mythsmyths#Sinnoh Folk Tales|legenda folk tale]], Pokémon and people were originallyonce considered the same speciesand that diverged overeven timeintermarried, reflectingwhich themight real-worldsuggest a common ancestry between humans and animals. Some humans possess abilities well beyond those of real-world humans, such as having {{tc|Psychic}} or [[Aura]] powers.
For comedic purposes, characters in the Pokémon world are often pictureddepicted with a greatly exaggerated [[anime physics|ability to withstand physical trauma]], such as being {{status|burned}} or falling great distances. The most common occurrence of humans being harmed without serious injury is the frequent electrical shocking of {{Ash}} and his nemesis, the [[Team Rocket trio]], who are blasted off over the horizon countless times in the early seasons of the {{pkmn|anime}} series. However, Pokémon can present a real threat to humans, which is why people need a [[Pokémon Trainer's license|license]] in order to [[Pokémon training|train]] Pokémon.