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* This episode's English title is a reference to a {{wp|Execution by firing squad|firing squad}}.
* The scene where {{an|Brock}} askedasks what {{AP|Squirtle}} had to do with [[Team Wartortle]] mirrors the time when {{Tracey}} asked what Squirtle's sunglasses were for in ''[[EP106|The Pokémon Water War]]''. This time, however, {{an|Misty}} filledfills Brock in on what he had missed as {{Ash}} had filled Tracey in.
* The book [[Teaming Up With Totodile]] is based on this episode.
* The [ corresponding page] on [[Poké]] lists the Synopsis for the following episode instead of this episode.
* Brock says [[Captain Aidan|Aidan]]'s name along with Ash and Misty when they first see him, however, the two had never met before.
* In one scene, some {{p|Poliwag}}'s tails are colored dark blue instead of white.
* As the [[Squirtle Squad]] and Team Wartortle line up for their first face-off, the {{p|Squirtle}} are shown with their backs facing the camera, their shells bare. However, in the next shot, they are shown wearing their jackets.
* When {{TP|Misty|Staryu}} accidentally shoots {{TP|Misty|Psyduck}} into the burning house, a split -screen showing everyone shocked appears, but when Staryu appears, {{AP|Heracross}}'s cry is played instead of Staryu's. This is particularly strange as Heracross was not even there at the time, being back at [[Professor Oak's labLaboratory]].
* At the end of the episode, the Narrator[[narrator]] says about {{Ash}} and his friends{{ashfr}}, "As they continue their {{pkmn|journey}} '''to''' [[Johto]], they look forward to the new friends and new memories that lie ahead"." ThisThe grammar doesn't make any sense as they are already in Johto.
* Near the end, as the gang bids farewell to Aidan and his {{p|Wartortle}}, the lead Wartortle's scarf is a burnt orange color instead of yellow.
* When everyone is saying goodbye to Squirtle, {{TP|Misty|Togepi}} is a yellowish -orange color instead of white.