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* In one scene, some Poliwag's tails are colored dark blue instead of white.
* As the Squirtle Squad and Team Wartortle line up for their first face-off, the Squirtle are shown with their backs facing the camera, their shells bare. However, in the next shot, they are shown wearing their jackets.
* When Staryu accidentally shoots Psyduck into the burning house, a split screen showing everyone shocked appears, but when Staryu appears, Heracross's cry is played instead of Staryu's. This is particularly strange as Heracross was not even there at the time, being back at Oak's lab.
* At the end of the episode the Narrator says about Ash and his friends, "As they continue their journey to Johto, they look forward to the new friends and new memories that lie ahead". This doesn't make any sense as they are already in Johto.
* Near the end, as the gang bids farewell to Aidan and his Wartortle, the lead Wartortle's scarf is a burnt orange color instead of yellow.