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Mirage Island (Generation III)

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==In the games==
Mirage Island is found on {{rt|130|Hoenn}} in {{game2|Ruby|Sapphire|Emerald}}. However, it can only be visited under highly rare circumstances. ItThe island is visitedinhabited mainlyby forwild {{p|Wynaut}} which range from [[level]] 5 to level 50. Most notably, the island also bears a tree where the one and only [[Liechi Berry]] thatin the game can be picked. This is the best Berry for [[Pokéblock]]s, and will produce itGold hostsPokéblocks.
Every day, [[Savea datarandom structurenumber inbetween Generation0 III#Sectionand 265535 - Environment variables|two randomized bytes]] areis generated by the game. If thesethis bytesnumber matchmatches the last two bytes of the [[personality value]] of any {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} in the player's party, then Mirage Island will appear. (Consequently, Mirage Island can be made to disappear and reappear for that day asby longremoving asand putting back the matching Pokémon remains in the party., Theand bytesMirage areIsland generatedwill oncedisappear anyat buttonthe isend pressed onof the startday menubarring andthe willunlikely lastoutcome untilof thetwo startmatching menunumbers isbeing accessedgenerated againin pasta 00:00 (midnightrow.) ofThis themakes nextMirage day.Island's Evenappearance thougheven playrarer timethan hasencountering nothing to do witha [[time|theShiny real-time clockPokémon]], aalthough gamethe thatprobability hasincreases reachedwith the maximum timenumber of playPokémon (999the hoursplayer andhas. 59The minutes)odds willof nota generatesingle MiragePokémon Island numbers anymore—instead, theactivating Mirage Island number will always be zero. Likewise, if a game is started1/65536; whilethis the internal batterychance is dead, the Mirage Island Bytes will be setincreased to 0.approximately However,1/10923 if the game's real-time clock is not functioning (the internal batteryplayer has died)a atfull any point before time of play reaches 999 hours 59 minutes, then the Mirage Island number will permanently stay at what value it was beforeparty.
WheneverA "Mirageman Islandin Bytes"the arenortheastern generated,hut theyin will[[Pacifidlog notTown]] changewill withintell the timeplayer theywhether areor valid,not andhe thecan {{player}}see isMirage ableIsland, to freely move Pokémon fromallowing the [[Pokémon Storage System|boxes]]player to thecheck [[party]]if orthey vice-versa untilhave a matching Pokémon thatwithout has a matching [[personality value]]having to the "Mirage Island Bytes" is found andleave the Mirage Island appearstown. This makesSince Mirage Island's appearancenumber evendoes rarernot thanchange encounteringthroughout a [[Shinygiven Pokémon]]day, although the probability of making it appearis increasespossible withfor the number{{player}} ofto Pokémonfreely themove playerPokémon has.between Thethe odds[[Pokémon ofStorage aSystem|boxes]] single Pokémon activatingand the Mirage[[party]] Islandwhile isattempting 1/65536;to thischeck chanceif isany increasedPokémon toin approximatelythe 1/10923party ifmatches the playerMirage hasIsland a full partynumber.
A===Technical man in the North-Eastern hut in [[Pacifidlog Town]] will tell the player whether or not he can see Mirage Island each and every day, thus determining if the player can reach the location.details===
[[Save data structure in Generation III#Section 2 - Environment variables|Two random bytes]] ("Mirage Island bytes") are generated for the day once any button is pressed on the start menu, and will last until the start menu is accessed again past 00:00 (midnight) of the next day. Even though play time has nothing to do with [[time|the real-time clock]], a game that has reached the maximum time of play (999 hours and 59 minutes) will always generate Mirage Island bytes of 0. Additionally, if a game's internal battery is dead (causing the real-time clock to stop functioning), then new Mirage Island bytes will never be generated, causing the Mirage Island number to permanently stay at whatever value it was before<ref></ref>. Currently it has not been precisely documented what happens to a game which has both a dead internal battery and a maximized play time<!-- we aren't even sure if order matters or not -->.
The island is inhabited by {{p|Wynaut}} which range from [[level]] 5 to level 50. It also bears a tree where one [[Liechi Berry]] can be picked. This is the best Berry for [[Pokéblock]]s, and will produce Gold Pokéblocks.
* Although Mirage Island does not appear in {{pkmn|Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire}}, the route description of Route 130 on the [[PokéNav Plus]] alludes to it; "This route was once a big topic of conversation due to a strange island that seemed to appear and then disappear."
* If a [[roaming Pokémon]] goes onto Route 130 while the Mirage Island is present, it can also be found in the tall grass.
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==In other languages==