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Hokulani Observatory

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In the anime
Hokulani Observatory first appeared in a picture shown by {{an|Sophocles}} in ''[[SM067|Love at First Twirl!]]'' during a class report. It is run by Sophocles's cousin [[Molayne]].
The observatory made its physical debut in ''[[SM079|Showering the World with Love!]]'', where {{Ash}}, {{ashcl}}, and [[{{an|Professor Kukui]]}} traveled there to meet Molayne and witness {{p|Minior}} showers falling from the sky like shooting stars. During their stay, [[Ash's Poipole]] bonded with one Minior, but was left heartbroken when it disappeared later.
Hokulani Observatory reappeared in [[SM092]], when Professor Kukui visited Molayne to ask for his assistance in keeping his Masked Royal identity a secret.
In the anime, a place called [[Starfall Hill]] is located near the observatory, named as such due to the numerous Minior that fall down there.