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Pokémon Duel

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Aiming to become the Hotel King, the player arrives inon [[Carmonte Island]], an artificial island housing a city of resorts. The island hosts the Pokémon Figure Games (PFG) World Tournament, where its top prize is the symbol of Carmonte Island, [[Jewel Tower]]. The tournament is hosted by the tower's current owner, [[Master Rosé]].
Along their way to the island, the player encounters and befriends [[Luca]], the scion of a prestigious family. During the tournament, the player collects figures and plates, partners with an AI named [[Carlo]], and challenges various NPCs to a duel in order to reach the boss in the highest level. In the defeat of each boss, the player will receive an emblem as a testimony to their victory.
After befriending a popular idol named [[Sharon]], the player is stalked by members of the Roger family, an influential organization inon Carmonte Island.