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In the manga
==In the manga==
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
[[File:Gladion Adventures.png|thumb|120px170px|Gladion in Pokémon Adventures]]
Gladion debuts in ''[[PASM04|The Decision and the Tournament of Six]]''. He first appearsappeared as a participant at an [[Iki Town]] festival tournament. Initially, he iswas away when the placement of the participants was being decided, but returnsreturned just when the tournament actually beginsstarted. HeHis reason revealsfor his absence was due to him investigating a [[Ultra Wormhole|crack in the sky]] his {{TP|Gladion|Type: Null}} had sensed.
In ''[[PASM05|The Announcement and the Prize]]'', Gladion iswas paired up against [[Hau]], the grandson of the [[Island Kahuna]] [[Hala]]. During the battle, Gladion asksasked Hau why he decided to join the tournament and assumesassumed Hau wisheswished to surpass his grandfather. When Hau repliesreplied that he joined because he thought it would be fun, Gladion berates him and calls him weak. Eventually, Hau is defeated, allowing Gladion to move to the next round.
In ''[[PASM06|The Party Crasher and Guzma the Destroyer]]'', Gladion's opponent is {{adv|Moon}}. Moon revealsrevealed that she also saw a crack in the sky and asks Gladion to tell her about it. Gladion agreesagreed, but only on the condition that Moon defeats him. During their battle, Moon provesproved to be an effective strategist and nearly defeats Gladion's {{p|Porygon}}. Despite this, Porygon eventually defeats Moon's final Pokémon through luck, giving him the win. The shock of losing to something as unscientific as the concept of luck greatly angers Moon, causing her to become dejected and ignore the final battle of the tournament.
In ''[[PASM07|The Final Match and a Surprising Finale!]]'', Gladion faces off against {{adv|Sun}} in the finals. Due to the immense defense Type: Null possesses because of its iron mask as well as its incredible strength, Sun strugglesstruggled to defeat his opponent. After Sun's strategy to get through Type: Null's mask fails, Gladion angrily tells him to quit fooling around and begins to question Sun's motivations for participating. Angered by Gladion's attitude, Sun angrily declares that he willhas obtaina the 100 million yengoal he needs at anyto costaccomplish. As he does this, the cast on Sun's arm unravels, revealing a [[Sparkling Stone]] underneath. A powerful energy shoots out from the crack in the sky and lands on the Sparkling Stone before moving towards Sun's {{p|Litten}}, {{adv|Dollar}}. The energy powers up Dollar's {{m|Ember}}, allowing it to create a powerful {{m|Inferno Overdrive|sea of flames}} that defeatdefeats Type: Null. The strain of the attack causes Sun to pass out as he wonders just what move it was that EnDollar used.
Afterward, a defeated Gladion leaves Iki Town. Realizing that he lost his chance to meet with the [[guardian deities|tapu]], Gladion decides to find a place to train himself so that he may be fully prepared to face the [[Ultra Beast]]s.
Due to not possessing a Z-Ring yet, Sun is forced to borrow Kiawe's Z-Ring, but it is destroyed by Gladion's Type: Null before he can receive it. Gladion reveals that he was forced to forfeit the Iki Town tournament due to Hala discovering that Sun obtained a Sparkling Stone from Tapu Koko. Although Gladion claims that Sun wouldn't have won even with the Z-Move, a voice appears and points out that if Gladion truly believed that, he wouldn't have destroyed Kiawe's Z-Ring. The voice is revealed to be [[Kahili]], who uses her Pokémon to attack Type: Null before sending Sun a Z-Ring created by Hala. Sun puts on the Z-Ring and prepares to use it to defeat Gladion.
In [[PASM13]], the attack succeeds, causing Type: Null's mask to start breaking. Gladion, fearing what would happen if the mask shatters completely, switches out for his Porygon. Sun attempts Inferno Overdrive again, but the attack fails, leading to EnDollar's defeat. Gladion decides to give up on capturing Tapu Lele, calling it too weak to help him fight the mysterious creatures. Gladion reveals that the cracks in the sky are not an opening but an exit, and that something must be trying to break free into their world.
In [[PASM14]], Gladion traveled to [[Po Town]], Team Skull's base of operations. There, he was attacked by the Team Skull Admin, [[Plumeria]], who wanted to see if Gladion was skilled enough to be an Enforcer. Though Gladion proves to be strong enough for the role, his negative attitude angers Plumeria to the point where she refuses to accept him as a true member of Team Skull. When Plumeria tells Gladion to follow her, Gladion complies, but is momentarily distracted when a {{p|Zygarde}} {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Zygarde|Core}} jumps past him.
Gladion and Lillie later arrived on [[Poni Island]], where they passed through [[Poni Wilds]] on their way to the Altar. As they traveled, Gladion told Lillie about the [[Legendary Pokémon]] of the sun and moon, {{p|Solgaleo}} and {{p|Lunala}}. He also revealed his plan on obtaining the two Pokémon and having them help him destroy the Ultra Beasts. When Lillie suggested getting Sun, Moon, and the others to help them, Gladion refused, as he believed they were too out of the loop of their family troubles to be of any use. Lillie attempted to argue against this, only to be interrupted by {{p|Xurkitree}} appearing and attacking them both. As Silvally and Xurkitree fought, Nebby flew out of Gladion's hands and into the sky, where it met with another {{p|Cosmoem}}.
After Xurkitree was defeated, Gladion and Lillie met up with Sun and [[Hapu]]. Hapu revealed that the Sun Flute is part of a pair with the [[Moon Flute]] in her possession. While Gladion was unable to get the Sun Flute to make any sounds, Sun managed to successfully play it. The four guardian deities then appeared and took Sun to the Poni Altar along with the Sun and Moon Flutes. Gladion, Lillie, and Hapu then proceeded to follow after them.