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[[File:Poké Problem extra scene SM093.png|thumb|230px|The ''Star Wars'' poster reference]]
* Near the beginning of the episode, Jessie is seen dressed as as Chigusa Tsukikage from ''{{wp|Glass Mask}}''.
* Jessie's fake persona (Japanese '''ムサバーバラ''' ''Musabarbara'') is a reference to the fact that her seiyūJapanese voice actor, [[Megumi Hayashibara]], once voiced {{wp|Batgirl}} (A.K.A.whose real name is Barbara Gordon) in the Japanese dub of ''{{wp|Batman: The Animated Series}}''.
* Additionally, Jessie's outfit choices when she introduces her fake persona wereare references to some of her Japanese VAHayashibara's roles throughout her career.
** Himiko Shinobibe from ''{{wp|Mashin Hero Wataru}}''.
** The female version of Ranma Saotome from ''{{wp|Ranma ½}}''.