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Deoxys (Pokémon)

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* Speed Forme Deoxys has the highest base {{stat|Speed}} stat of all Pokémon.
* Defense Forme Deoxys has the highest base {{stat|Defense}} and {{stat|Special Defense}} stats of all {{type|Psychic}} Pokémon.
* Attack Forme Deoxys has the lowest base {{stat|Special Defense}} stat of all Pokémon, on par with {{p|Magikarp}}, {{p|Carvanha}}, {{p|Igglybuff}}, {{p|Caterpie}}, and {{p|Weedle}}.
** Its Attack Forme has both of the lowest individual base stats of any Mythical Pokémon, those two being Defense and Special Defense, each with a base stat of 20.
** Its Attack Forme also has the lowest base Special Defense stat of all Psychic-type Pokémon.
** Deoxys is also one of two Pokémon that has defenses over 100 at Level 100 if not given any vitamins or [[Gummi]]s, the other being {{p|Lugia}}.
* In {{ga|Pokémon Ranger}}, Deoxys's Forme changes every time its [[List of Pokémon by Fiore Browser number|Browser]] entry is accessed. It cycles in order from Normal Forme to Attack Forme to Defense Forme to Speed Forme and finally back to Normal Forme.
* In the {{pkmn|anime}} and in {{ga|Pokémon Ranger}}, Deoxys is able to change to any of its forms at will regardless of where it is. While it can willingly change in the [[Pokémon Adventures]] manga, its choices are limited by the environment.
* Due to the cause of Forme change in Generation III being the game Deoxys is in, ''only'' Speed Forme Deoxys is banned from the {{gdis|Battle Frontier|III}}, as only Speed Forme Deoxys is obtainable in Emerald.
* In the games, the [[Sevii Islands]] and [[Orre]]{{tt|*|excluding multiplayer modes in XD}} are the only regions where all four Formes have not been available.