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==={{series|Best Wishes}}===
[[File:Professor Oak BW anime.png|250px|thumb|Professor Oak in the {{series|Best Wishes}}]]
Professor Oak was given a major redesign in the ''Best Wishes'' series, using a different shirt collar style and wearing his labcoatlab coat above it. His hairstyle also changed, becoming more boxy. These changes make his look closely resemble his most recent [[Professor Oak|game counterpart]] artwork.
Oak made plans to travel to the [[Unova]] region to meet with his friend, [[Professor Juniper]], in ''[[BW001|In The Shadow of Zekrom!]]'' and invited {{Delia}} and {{Ash}} to go with him. He has since returned to Kanto as seen in ''[[BW047|Crisis from the Underground Up!]]'' where Ash calls his laboratory from [[Nimbasa City]].