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Pokémon Yellow Version

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Gameplay changes: The Eeveelution is determined otherwise, see also
* The {{ga|Blue|rival}} starts with {{p|Eevee}}. He will eventually have a different team based around one of Eevee's evolutions depending on how the player fares in the first two battles with the rival (the second being optional), at [[Professor Oak's Laboratory]] and {{rt|22|Kanto}}.
** If the player wins both, Eevee evolves into {{p|Jolteon}}.
** If the player wins oneat battlethe lab and loses or skips theat Route other22, Eevee evolves into {{p|Flareon}}.
** If the player loses orat skipsthe bothlab, Eevee evolves into {{p|Vaporeon}}.
* A minimal [[friendship]] system is implemented to track how Pikachu feels about the player.
* [[Gym Leader]]s have different teams, some based on those that appear in the {{pkmn|anime}}.