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[[File:Young Cerah.png|thumb|left|250px|A young Cerah]]
Cerah was first seen doing a jump on a PokéSled with her {{alo|Ninetales}}, only to discover that {{an|Lillie}} and [[Snowy]] were directly in their path. Fortunately, Ninetales used {{m|Aurora Veil}}, and they were able to avoid hitting them.
In her younger days, despite her mother wanting her to take piano lessons, Cerah wanted to learn how to PokéSled jump after watching a friend. After she experienced a bad fall, she developed a fear of jumping. Fortunately for her, her then-{{alo|Vulpix}} encouraged her to keep trying and she managed to overcome her fear.
She and Ninetales later did an exhibition jump at the [[Pokémon Sled Jump Games]].