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* Bodybuilder Okona's {{p|Machamp}} knows both {{m|Rolling Kick}} and {{m|Encore}} which is an illegal egg move combination because there is no eligible parent that can learn both of those moves at the same time to pass on to Machamp.
* Bodybuilder Sendil's {{p|Sealeo}} and {{p|Vibrava}} are underleveled because their pre-evolutions evolve at level 32 and 35 respectively.
** In addition, Vibrava learns {{m|DragonBreathDragon Breath}} at level 30, which it normally cannot learn until level 35. Since its pre-evolution, {{p|Trapinch}}, can't learn this move, it cannot learn it at a lower level due to breeding.
**This may be because each Pokémon has it's level reduced for the battle, like a [[Battle Tower]] battle
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