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==In the anime==
[[File:Ash Journey Beginning.png|thumb|240px|Ash, ready to go on a new journey]]
The {{pkmn|anime}} follows the Pokémon journey of [[Ash Ketchum]], who started off with his first Pokémon, a {{AP|Pikachu}}, in [[EP001|the first episode]], and ascontinues ofto thisjourney pointacross hasthe journeyed{{pkmn|world}} acrossin severalorder regions,to competingcompete in each of theirthe regional [[Pokémon LeaguesLeague]] competitions. His ultimate goal is to become a [[Pokémon Master]], while. heHe is joined by {{ashfr}} along the way, each with their own goals.
The anime has established that children may goapply onfor ontheir a[[Pokémon journeyTrainer's onlylicense]], atobtain ortheir afterfirst Pokémon, and set out on their journey at the age of 10. asAsh thisand ismany others received their starter Pokémon from the ageresident theyProfessor, obtainwhile theirsome have received theirs from a local [[Pokémon Trainer'sCenter]] licenseor by [[Starter Pokémon#List of starter Pokémon in the anime|other means]]. HoweverSeven-year-old [[Max]], manyalthough childrenbarred belowfrom theowning agePokémon, ofaccompanied tenhis sister {{an|May}} on her journey. Sometimes children younger than 10 have been shown to ownhave Pokémon in thetheir animepossession, a notable example beingnotably {{an|Iris}} andwho thehad ownership of hera [[Iris's Excadrill|Drilbur]] at a young age.
AStarting a Pokémon journey in the anime is considered to be a rite of passage andfor manychildren, viewpointsand haveAsh sproutedhas aboutfollowed Pokémon journeys throughoutin the coursefootsteps of theboth anime.his [[Deliafather Ketchum|Ash'sand mother]]grandfather. hasA little misgivings about letting himjourney go;can hercontinue owninto husbandadulthood, Ash's father,which is inthe factcase still on his own Pokémon journey. Other adults, such asfor {{OBP|Silver|SS018}}, areand alsoapparently stillAsh's travelingfather. with their Pokémon, and several adultAdult Trainers, such as [[Cynthia]], havemay attainedeventually a status that allows themchoose to remain in one place rather than traveling. Other adults, however, such as {{OBP|Mandy|AG151}}, seeeven views an adult on a Pokémon journey to beas somewhat immature, preferring that they settle down instead.
Pokémon journeys have many different possibilities, with some Trainers choosing to gather a region's [[Badge]]s from its [[Gym|Pokémon Gyms]], their ultimate goal being the [[Pokémon League]] challenge. Other Trainers instead choose to become {{pkmn|Coordinator}}s, gathering [[Ribbon]]s by competing in [[Pokémon Contest]]s with the goal of winning the [[Grand Festival]] to become a [[Top Coordinator]]. Some other Trainers may choose to become {{pkmn|Performer}}s and compete in [[Pokémon Showcase]]s with the goal of being the {{DL|Pokémon Performer|Kalos Queen}}. Others journey in order to learn about and be proficient about certain [[type]]s of Pokémon while some may choose to journey to pursue certain occupations like [[Pokémon breeding]], {{pkmn|watcher|Pokémon watching}}, and {{pkmn|Stylist|Pokémon styling}}. Regardless of the reason behind the journey, Trainers must learn to work in all sorts of circumstances to become the best in their field.
==In the manga==