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|name=LightBond Snowy RoadSands
|jtrans=LightBond Snowy RoadSands
(Japanese: '''きずな雪道砂地''' ''LightBond Snowy RoadSands'') is a Magnagate dungeon that a {{player}} goes through in [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity]]. Light SnowyBond RoadSands can be accessed by opening a Magnagate portal with the [[Nintendo 3DS]] and a circular object. The number of bosses at the end of the dungeon vary each time.
==Pokémon encountered==
{{mdloc|507529|HerdierDrilbur|1, 3|?|?}}
{{mdloc|627|Rufflet|1, 4|?|?}}
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