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Amber first appears in ''[[PS188|Lombre Larceny]]'' along with his fellow Team Aqua members, [[Shelly]] and [[Aqua Admin Matt|Matt]], where they plot to kidnap [[Mr. Stone]]. They disguise themselves as staff personnel and trap his Castform in a fountain, and were going to take him away and steal his [[Devon Parts|Devon Goods]] when he wasn't looking. Their plan goes perfectly until {{adv|Sapphire}} arrives to the scene and rescues Mr. Stone's Castform from the fountain, thus forcing them to kidnap him publicly when they originally wanted to do it in secrecy. They manage to steal the goods and escape to the Petalburg Woods, with Sapphire, Gabby, and Ty chasing them. There, they battle Sapphire and manage to overpower her, forcing her to escape and leave the goods.
[[File:Amber ORAS chapter.png|thumb|left|200px|Amber as a Fisherman in the ORAS''Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire'' chapter]]
For their success in stealing the Devon Goods, Amber, Shelly, and Matt are promoted to Admin status by their leader, [[Archie]]. Still, he reminds them of their failure in silencing Sapphire, Ty, and Gabby, the three people who saw their faces during the mission.