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Contemporary history
===Contemporary history===
{{ga|SunElio}}/{{ga|MoonSelene}} leaves his/her home on {{rt|1|Alola}} on a Pokémon journey three months after moving to the Alola region from [[Kanto]]. He/she receives his/her starter Pokémon from [[Hala]] and meets [[Lillie]] and [[Hau]]. SunElio/MoonSelene receives a [[Z-Ring]] at the festival inaugurating his/her [[island challenge]], consisting of seven trials and four grand trials in order to become the island challenge champion. Along his/her journey, he/she encounters a group called [[Team Skull]], whose members are misfits who failed the island challenge and aim to cause trouble, as well as another group called the [[Aether Foundation]], whose goal is to cure hurt Pokémon. After defeating the leader of Team Skull, [[Guzma]], at the [[Shady House]], SunElio/MoonSelene travel to [[Aether Paradise]], where he/she battles [[Lusamine]], the president of the Aether Foundation. Lusamine opens [[Ultra Wormhole]]s across Alola and enters one with Guzma. SunElio/MoonSelene and Lillie evolve [[Nebby]] into {{p|Solgaleo}}{{sup/7|S}}/{{p|Lunala}}{{sup/7|M}} at the [[Altar of the Sunne]]{{sup/7|S}}/[[Altar of the Moone]]{{sup/7|M}} and travel into [[Ultra Deep Sea|Ultra Space]], where SunElio/MoonSelene battles Lusamine again and bring her and Guzma back to Alola. SunElio/MoonSelene catches Solgaleo{{sup/7|S}}/Lunala{{sup/7|M}} after Lillie tells it that she isn't a Trainer. SunElio/MoonSelene climbs [[Mount Lanakila]] to its summit, the newly opened {{al|Pokémon League}}, where he/she defeats the [[Elite Four]], becoming the first {{pkmn|Champion}} of Alola. A festival is held in [[Iki Town]], and Lillie brings SunElio/MoonSelene to the [[Ruins of Conflict]] to battle {{p|Tapu Koko}}. The next day, Lillie leaves for Kanto to help her mother. The International Police contact SunElio/MoonSelene to investigate and catch the [[Ultra Beast]]s unleashed across Alola.
==Cities, routes, and other locations==