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{{TRT}}, who followed Ash and {{ashfr}} to the island, have a run in with many of the rampaging Steel types before Barry and his Heracross fall onto them. He accuses them of angering the Steel types, pointing out a device he spotted in the air but Team Rocket claim it was none of their doing. He leads them to the location, which turns out to be a [[Team Galactic]] base led by [[Mars]]. They try to fight Team Galactic with their Pokémon but it doesn't work. They then fall through a crevice into a small cave with {{p|Dialga}} and {{p|Palkia}} etchings.
Ash and friends finally reach the base with Lucario's help. Eventually Mars picks up a key and inserts it into a slot into the ruins on the island and a powerful radio wave is sent out. Even Lucario can't fight the disturbance any more, and is about to attack the group. The episode concludes withwhile Ash and [[Riley]] tryingtry to calm Lucarioit down.
==Major events==