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Tangelo Island

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'''Tangelo Island''' (Japanese: '''ボンタン{{tt|島|とう}}''' ''Bontan Island'') is located in the southwestern region of the [[Orange Archipelago]]. It is a popular tourist destination due in part to its tropical climate.
Young {{pkmn|Trainer}}s from the [[region]] typically beingbegin their {{pkmn|journey}}s here, and it is more generally the starting point for Trainers who want to compete in the [[Orange League]]. Both [[Valencia_Island#Professor Ivy's Lab|Professor Ivy's Lab]] and [[Mikan Gym]] are located nearby.
{{Ash}}, {{an|Misty}}, and {{AP|Pikachu}} visited the island in ''[[EP084|The Lost Lapras]]''. They crash landed in [[Pokémon Park (anime)|Pokémon Park]], at first believing the island to be deserted, before being swamped by camera-toting tourists. Once out of the park, they explored the nearby beachfront city. It has boardwalks and a port with many docks for tourist boats and luxury cruise liners. Palm trees line the streets, dwarfed by all the tall buildings. There they met a [[Pokémon watcher]] named {{Tracey}}. Tangelo Island is also where Ash caught his {{AP|Lapras}}, which became his main [[Transportation_in_the_Pokémon_world#Pokémon_as_Transport|mode of travel]] throughout the archipelago.