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===More information revealed and additional delays===
[[File:1999 Pokemon Gold Logo.png|right|thumb|The final logo for {{game3|Gold and Silver|''Pocket Monsters: Gold''|s}}]]
[[File:1999 Pokemon Silver Logo.png|right|thumb|The final logo for {{game3|Gold and Silver|''Pocket Monsters: Silver''|s}}]]
Following nearly a year without press releases, the [[Nintendo]] of Japan website was finally updated with new information on {{game3|Gold and Silver|''Pocket Monsters: Gold & Silver''|s}}. A revised release date of June 1999 was given and it was announced the games would be compatible with the then soon-to-be-released [[Game Boy Color]]. The final release date was later pushed back to November 21, 1999.
Along with the projected release date, [[Ken Sugimori]]'s artwork for {{p|Slowking}}, {{p|Marill}}, {{p|Bellossom}}, and {{p|Hoothoot}} was also released, as were several screenshots of the new {{pkmn|battle}} system, featuring fully-colored sprites.
The battle screens are very similar to the final ones, but the absence of [[gender]] notation is apparent. {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} gender was a previously announced feature, and the graphical indicator of the gender during battle was likely added later as a convenience to {{player}}s.