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Plasma Frigate

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|map=Unova Plasma Frigate Map.png
[[File:Plasma Frigate exterior B2W2.png|thumb|Outside the frigate, at {{rt|21|Unova}}, near [[Seaside Cave]]]]
[[File:Plasma Frigate 1F B2W2.png|thumb|1F of the frigate]]
The '''Plasma Frigate''' (Japanese: '''プラズマフリゲート''' ''Plasma Frigate'') is a flying ship that serves as [[Team Plasma]]'s main means of transportation, which appears in various locations throughout [[Unova]], first appearing at Prime Pier in [[Castelia City]]. It later appears at the [[Pokémon World Tournament]]'s harbor, at [[Opelucid City]], outside [[Seaside Cave]] in a secluded area of {{rt|21|Unova}}, and at the [[Giant Chasm]]. After the player has defeated [[Ghetsis]], it is permanently docked at the [[P2 Laboratory]].