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Orange Archipelago

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[[File:Orange Islands map.png|thumb|Orange Archipelago]]
[[File:Orange Islands Map Oak.png|thumb|Anime map of the Orange Islands]]
The '''Orange Archipelago''' (Japanese: '''オレンジ{{tt|諸島|しょとう}}''' ''Orange Archipelago''), more commonly known as the '''Orange Islands''', is a large chain of tropical islands located south of [[Kanto]] and [[Johto]].
This [[region]] is exclusive to the {{pkmn|anime}} and [[The Electric Tale of Pikachu]] {{pkmn|manga}}. It was likely developed as the setting for a [[filler episode|filler arc]] while the [[Generation II|next generation of games]] was still [[Pokémon_Gold_and_Silver_beta#Delayed_release|under development]]. It is not referenced in any game, although players can explore the later-introduced [[Sevii Islands]], which appear in roughly the same location.