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{{indent}}I seriously don't understand how that's confusing to you... [[User:GrammarFreak01|GrammarFreak01]] ([[User talk:GrammarFreak01|talk]]) 03:54, 2 October 2018 (UTC)
Apologies for butting in here but I would like to remind you that GrammarFreak is a very experienced user even though they aren't an admin. I will say that if you are attempting to make edits such as your own, consult an admin or experienced user since they know what they're doing. Also, as everyone else has said, please sign your comments with 4 (~) when you make the comment (not after since it leaves the wrong time stamp). No one is attempting to be malicious to you but please listen to their comments and take it on board. If you refuse, then I would say that Bulbapedia probably isn't for you. This is coming from an experienced user who is not an admin (not as experienced as GrammarFreak though). Thank You. '''Ice''' [[User talk:The IceCream|Cream]] 17:04, 2 October 2018 (UTC)
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