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Orange Archipelago

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[[File:Orange Islands map.png|thumb|Orange Archipelago]]
[[File:Orange Islands Map Oak.png|thumb|Anime map of the Orange Islands]]
The '''Orange Archipelago''' (Japanese: '''オレンジ諸島''' ''Orange Archipelago''), more commonly known as the '''Orange Islands''', is a [[region]] shown in the {{pkmn|anime}}. It consists of a large chain of tropical islands that is located south of [[Kanto]]. The Orange Archipelago also appears in the anime-basedand [[The Electric Tale of PikachuJohto]] {{pkmn|manga}}.
This [[Pokémon Trainerregion]]s comeis hereexclusive to participatethe in{{pkmn|anime}} theand [[OrangeThe LeagueElectric Tale of Pikachu]], but{{pkmn|manga}}. itsIt tropicalwas climatelikely alsodeveloped attractsas manythe tourists.setting Onefor effecta of[[filler theepisode|filler climatearc]] iswhile the presence[[Generation II|next generation of games]] was still [[ListPokémon_Gold_and_Silver_beta#Delayed_release|under ofdevelopment]]. alternatelyIt coloredis Pokémonnot referenced in any game, although players can explore the anime|alternatelylater-introduced colored[[Sevii PokémonIslands]], which appear in roughly the same location..
Most[[Pokémon ofTrainer]]s thecome scatteredhere islandsto participate in the archipelago[[Orange areLeague]], namedbut afterits typestropical climate also attracts many tourists. One effect of orangesthe orclimate otheris variousthe citrus,presence andof many[[List areof desertedalternately colored Pokémon in the anime|alternately colored Pokémon]]. The [[Officer Jenny]]s and [[Nurse Joy]]s of the archipelago dress in slightly different attire than those of the other regions., Someand alsosome appear to have tans. Most of the scattered islands in the archipelago are named after types of oranges or other various citrus, and many are deserted.