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More info on filler arcs
==In Pokémon==
''[[EP008|The Path to the Pokémon League]]'' is the first episode considered a "filler" episode in the Pokémon anime. The 32-episode [[S02List_of_original_series_episodes#Orange_League_arc|Pokémon:Orange AdventuresLeague inarc]], which accounted for the Orange[[Pokémon_Gold_and_Silver_beta#Delayed_release|delayed Islandsrelease]] seasonof is{{game|Gold sometimesand thoughtSilver|s}}, ofcan be asconsidered a filler arc. Despite this, {{Ash}} and {{an|Misty}} both obtain Pokémon they continue to use, though Ash's team is back to what it was at the end of Kanto when he travels to Johto. Many other important events also occur during this saga, for example {{AP|Charizard}} beginning to obey Ash.
Infamously, the [[S03|third]], [[S04|fourth]], and [[S05|fifth]] seasons, set in the [[Johto]] region, contain the most filler episodes of any saga. These Theepisodes, arcsincluding alsothe 13-episode arc in the [[Whirl Islands]], served as a way to buy time for the releases of {{game|Ruby and Sapphire|s}}. andThe werelarge possiblynumber usedof afterone-off filler episodes is likely due to the cancellation of the [[GS Ball]] as a major {{wp|MacGuffin|plot device}}, which waswould plannedhave todebuted {{p|Celebi}} and consumeconsumed a large portion of Johto'sthe storytime spent in Johto, becamein afavor {{wpof featuring Celebi in the [[M04|MacGuffin|canceledfourth plotmovie]] device}}instead.<ref> interview</ref>
When the {{series|Advanced Generation}} started, filler episodes were reduced due to the introduction of [[Pokémon Contest]]s. As with the Kanto saga, however, Hoenn was followed by what some consider a "filler arc", ''[[S09|Pokémon: Battle Frontier]]'', which built up for the arc corresponding to {{game|Diamond and Pearl|s}}. Despite some considering ''Pokémon: Battle Frontier'' a "filler arc", many important events took place within the season, similarly to ''Pokémon: Adventures in the Orange Islands''.