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The episode starts off withWhile {{Ash}}, {{anashfr|Iris}},the {{an|Cilangroup}}, and their Pokémon takingtakes a break on the way to [[Castelia City]]., {{Ash}} is lookinglooks at histhe Badges[[Badge]]s in his Badge case and admiring his newly won {{badge|Basic}}, and musing to {{AP|Pikachu}} that he only has six left to earn. {{TP|Iris|Axew}} wanders over to where their [[bag|backpacks]] are all piled on the ground, and is looking at Ash's Egg, when it suddenly begins to shake and glow! Axew is so startled that he falls over backwards, and then excitedly draws everyone's attention to the Egg, and everyone gathers around to watch the Egg hatch. {{an|Cilan}} mentions that the glowing means that it will hatch soon and Ash wonders what kind of Pokémon will hatch from the Egg.
{{an|Iris}} mentions to Axew that this is the first time that he has seen an {{pkmn|Egg}} hatch, and Cilan agrees that everyone is looking forward to it. Then Iris tells Axew that he is going to be a big brother, which makes Axew even more excited, so much so that he accidentally trips, and sends the Egg rolling down the hill! Everyone chases after the Egg, trying to catch it before it crashes into a sharp rock at the bottom of the hill. Ash tells Pikachu to use {{m|Quick Attack}} in order to catch the Egg, as it goes flying into the air, and he manages to catch the Egg just in time. Ash asks Pikachu if he and the Egg are okay, and Pikachu responds in the affirmative. Iris and Axew apologize to Ash, and Ash tells them not to worry about it, as everything turned out okay. Then the Egg begins to glow again, and finally hatches into {{AP|Scraggy}}! Cilan mentions that it is a Scraggy, and Ash scans it with his [[Pokédex]]. Ash and Pikachu introduce themselves to their new friend, to which Scraggy responds with a {{m|Leer}} attack. Then Scraggy tries to {{m|Headbutt}} Pikachu, which Pikachu dodges. Everyone wonders about Scraggy's aggressive nature. Ash suggests that if Scraggy truly wants to battle that much, then he and Pikachu will battle as a way of introducing themselves.
Ash then uses his Pokédex to find out what moves Scraggy knows, finding out that it only knows Leer and Headbutt. When Iris reacts with surprise, Ash reminds her that Axew only knows {{m|Scratch}} and {{m|Dragon Rage}}. Cilan points out that Scraggy did just hatch from an Egg after all, to which Ash agrees. Ash then calls for a Leer attack from Scraggy, which Cilan notes has little effect. Then Ash calls for a Headbutt attack, which also has surprisingly little effect. Finally, Ash calls for a {{m|Thunderbolt}} counterattack from Pikachu, but a weakened one, which totally knocks Scraggy back. Ash asks Scraggy if it is okay, and it gets up, still ready for battle. Cilan is surprised that it can still go on, but Ash notes that with the fighting spirit that Scraggy has, it was born to battle. Iris comments to Axew that he has a troublesome baby brother, to which Axew agrees.