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{{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} finally see the {{DL|Battle Frontier (Generation III)|[[Battle Pyramid}}]], and Ash is confident that he will win. However, they fall into a hole and plummet into an ancient ruin whose walls are covered in ancient hieroglyphs and pictures of people and Pokémon. [[Max]] spots a light source ahead, and Ash heads for it. Meanwhile, {{TRT}} finds the pit Ash and the others fell through. The ground is unstable, and Team Rocket widens the pit, falling in as well.
Ash finds a {{p|Pikachu}} statue and grabs it, even though Max tries to convince him not to, causing the pillar it was resting on the rise and the statue's eyes to glow blue. A nearby wall with an identical depiction of a Pikachu flashes its eyes as well and begins to rise. A giant, spherical boulder begins to pursue the group. They run into an explorer who calls them foolish kids. He summons a {{DL|Brandon's legendary titans|Regirock}} to destroy the boulder with {{m|Focus Punch}}.
Ash then says, "Gee thanks, mister! You saved our lives!" The explorer responds with a "Noooo!". The man then identifies himself as {{FB|Pyramid King|Brandon}}. Brandon talks about the ruins, called [[Pokélantis]], an ancient kingdom whose king tried to control {{p|Ho-Oh}} as part of his plan to rule the world. Ho-Oh destroyed the entire kingdom for the King's wicked attempt. Team Rocket overhears and misinterprets that Ho-Oh is in the ruins, so they set off to find it.
==Major events==
* {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} arrive at the {{DL|Battle Frontier (Generation III)|[[Battle Pyramid}}]] and meet [[Pyramid King Brandon]], the seventh and final [[Frontier Brain]].
* Ash is possessed by the evil spirit of the [[King of Pokélantis]], which comes from a stone sphere sealed in the Ancient Ruins.
* Brandon agrees to {{pkmn|battle}} the King of Pokélantis in order to save Ash.