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Nana first appeared as a Poochyena in ''[[PS181|Creeping Past Cacnea]]'', where she was seen with Ruby on his trip to [[Hoenn]]. After running away from home Ruby runs into [[Professor Birch]] being attacked by two {{p|Mightyena}}. Ruby decides to battle the Mightyena, and sends out Nana and has her use {{m|Leer}}. The move does nothing due to Ruby caring only about appearances and the Mightyena pounce on them again, causing Ruby to fall off a cliff.
[[File:Ruby and Nana.png|thumb|leftright|150px|Nana and Ruby]]
In ''[[PS194|Guile from Mawile]]'', Ruby went into [[Granite Cave]] in order to find a {{p|Milotic}}. During the trip he is attacked by a group of {{p|Mawile}} and in the fight Nana and Kiki both [[evolve]].