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juan does not appear in ruby and sapphire at all, so...
:''"Having the <sc>Rain Badge</sc> shall assure you the full [[obedience]] of all your <sc>Pokémon</sc> to your every command. The <sc>Rain Badge</sc> also allows the use of the [[HM]] move <sc>{{m|Waterfall}}</sc> to scale walls of cascading water. And, so that you never forget the battle we shared, take this..."''
:''"The <sc>[[TM03|Technical Machine]]</sc> I handed you contains <sc>{{m|Water Pulse}}</sc>. In use, it will occasionally confuse the target with ultrasonic waves."''
* If talked to once again and player skipped Fortree Gym
:''"There remains but one <sc>Badge</sc> to obtain in <sc>Hoenn</sc>. If you wish to challenge the <sc>Pokémon League</sc>, you must obtain the last <sc>Badge</sc> from the <sc>Gym</sc> in <sc>Fortree</sc>.
* If all 8 Badges are collected
:''"The <sc>Trainers</sc> who have gathered all the <sc>Gym Badges</sc> of <sc>Hoenn</sc> should make way to the ultimate destination. The <sc>Pokémon League</sc>. Travel to the easternmost reaches of <sc>Hoenn</sc>, to the island of <sc>{{ci|Ever Grande}}</sc>. There, you shall find the <sc>Pokémon League</sc>."''
;{{DL|PokéNav|Match Call}}{{sup/3|E}}
* After registering him
:''"Hmm... <Player>... Was it? Our battle together — it brought to me memories of when I first encountered <sc>Wallace</sc>. Perhaps you are a genius who may yet surpass <sc>Wallace</sc>!"''
:''"<Player>... Like the finest music, the battles we made together strikes chords of inspiration in my heart... When I close my eyes, I see visions of you soaring with the melody..."''
* Before battle