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==In the anime==
[[File:Battle Pyramid anime.png|thumb|250px|The Battle Pyramid in the anime]]
In the anime, the Battle Pyramid was located near [[Pewter City]], but has hovercraft-like turbines installed in its underside, thus giving it the ability to move around anywhere. The location of the Battle Pyramid is only revealed to those who have defeated the other six Frontier Brains, and so it was the seventh and final facility challenged by Ash, doing so three times between ''[[AG178|Battling the Enemy Within!]]'' and ''[[AG190|Pace - The Final Frontier!]]'' before finally managing to win.
In ''[[DP128|A Pyramiding Rage!]]'', the Battle Pyramid traveled to [[Snowpoint City]]. Here, {{FB|Pyramid King|Brandon}} battled and defeated [[Paul]]. In the [[DP129|following episode]], the Battle Pyramid was used in defending the [[Snowpoint Temple]] from [[J|Pokémon Hunter J]].
====Pokémon used in Battle Pyramid====
|img=Brandon Regirock.png
|epname=Battling the Enemy Within!
|vajp=Katsuyuki Konishi
|vaen=Katsuyuki Konishi
|desc={{main|Brandon's legendary titans#Regirock|Brandon's Regirock}}
Brandon used {{p|Regirock}} against Ash during [[AG178|their unofficial battle]] while Ash was possessed by the [[King of Pokélantis]]. Regirock went up against {{AP|Sceptile}} and won despite the type-disadvantage. Regirock later sent {{TRT}} blasting off along with Registeel during Ash and Brandon's [[AG189|rematch]].
Regirock was used in [[DP128|the Full Battle]] against [[Paul]] and was able to easily defeat his {{p|Hariyama}}, {{TP|Paul|Electabuzz}}, {{TP|Paul|Ursaring}}, and {{TP|Paul|Magmar}}.}}
|img=Brandon Registeel.png
|vajp=Tomoe Hanba
|vaen=Tomoe Hanba
|desc={{main|Brandon's legendary titans#Registeel|Brandon's Registeel}}
After the [[Kanto Grand Festival]], Ash was finally allowed [[AG186|an official battle]] against Brandon in another one-on-one battle. Brandon used {{p|Registeel}}, while Ash used his {{AP|Torkoal}}. The two fought hard, and although Registeel was left extremely weak after the battle, it was Torkoal who was defeated. Registeel later sent Team Rocket blasting off alongside Regirock during Ash and Brandon's rematch.
During the Full Battle against Paul, it was easily able to stand up to his Magmar's {{type|Fire}} moves, despite the type weakness. It also managed to defeat Paul's {{p|Nidoking}} despite taking damage from its {{type|Ground}} and {{type|Fighting}} attacks.}}
|img=Brandon Dusclops.png
|epname=Gathering the Gang of Four!
|vaen=Bill Rogers
|desc={{p|Dusclops}} was the first Pokémon used by Brandon during his [[AG189|rematch]] and proved to be very powerful, being able to take down [[Ash's Charizard]] before being defeated by {{AP|Bulbasaur}}'s {{m|Solar Beam}}.
Dusclops's known moves are {{m|Will-O-Wisp}}, {{m|Shadow Punch}}, {{m|Mean Look}}, and {{m|Confuse Ray}}.}}
|img=Brandon Ninjask.png
|epname=Pace - The Final Frontier!
|vajp=Daisuke Sakaguchi
|vaen=Carter Cathcart{{!}}Billy Beach
|desc={{p|Ninjask}} was the second Pokémon used by Brandon during his rematch against Ash, where it went up against his {{AP|Squirtle}}. Despite a closely fought battle, Ninjask couldn't stand up to Squirtle's {{m|Skull Bash}} and was defeated.
Ninjask's known moves are {{m|Aerial Ace}}, {{m|Sandstorm}}, {{m|Double Team}}, and {{m|Sand Attack}}.}}
|img=Brandon Solrock.png
|epname=Pace - The Final Frontier!
|vajp=Megumi Hayashibara
|desc=Brandon used {{p|Solrock}} third in the rematch against Ash, and it was able to defeat his {{AP|Squirtle}}. After knocking the Tiny Turtle Pokémon out of the match, it then went up against {{AP|Bulbasaur}}. The two fought hard for their Trainers, eventually knocking each other out of the battle.
Solrock's known moves are {{m|Psywave}}, {{m|Confusion}}, {{m|Shadow Ball}}, and {{m|Solar Beam}}.}}
|img=Brandon Regice.png
|epname=Pace - The Final Frontier!
|vajp=Tomoe Hanba
|vaen=Tomoe Hanba
|desc={{main|Brandon's legendary titans#Regice|Brandon's Regice}}
After his first three Pokémon were defeated in ''[[AG190|Pace - The Final Frontier!]]'', Brandon sent out his newly-caught {{p|Regice}} against {{AP|Pikachu}}. Regice fought its hardest against the {{t|Electric}} type and looked poised to win, but Pikachu was able to whittle down its strength with {{m|Iron Tail}} and {{m|Volt Tackle}} to claim victory.
During the Full Battle against Paul, Regice battled {{TP|Paul|Ursaring}}, and was able to defeat his {{p|Lairon}} with no trouble.}}
==In the manga==
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
[[File:Battle Pyramid Adventures.png|.png|thumb|x150px|The Battle Pyramid in Pokémon Adventures]]
===In the Pokémon Battle Frontier manga===
[[File:Battle Pyramid CBF.png|thumb|x150px|The Battle Pyramid in Pokémon Battle Frontier]]
==In other languages==
{{langtable|color={{frontier color light}}|bordercolor={{frontier color}}
|zh_cmn=對戰金字塔 ''{{tt|Duìzhàn Jīnzìtǎ|Battle Pyramid}}''
|fr=Pyramide de Combat
|id=Piramida Pertarungan
|it=Piramide Lotta
|ko=배틀피라미드 ''Battle Pyramid''
|pl={{tt|Piramida Walk|mentioned in DP128 only}}
|pt_br=Pirâmide de Batalha
|es_la=Pirámide de Batalla
|es_eu=Pirámide Batalla
|th=แบทเทิลพีระมิด ''Battle Pyramid''
|vi=Kim tự tháp giao đấu}}
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