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{{Ash}}Upon and {{ashfr}} makemaking their way to [[Catallia City]], a{{Ash}} townand recognized{{ashfr}} forencounter its magnificent buildings. Aa patrol car barrelsspeeding down the street, and knowing{{an|Brock}} gives chase, deducing that [[Officer Jenny]] must be inside, {{an|Brock}} gives chase. However, a few seconds later, he trips over a thin web., allowing Ash and {{an|Misty}} to catch up with him. andJust afterthen, {{TP|Misty|Togepi}} notices something approaching, after which a {{p|Spinarak}} appears. Mistaking it for another {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}, Misty walks toward it, until she realizes that it’sit is actually a creepy {{t|Bug}} Pokémon. In another part of town, a disguised {{TRT}} breaks into a storage building. {{MTR}} tries to pick a lock, but he breaks his claw, forcing [[James]] to use a lock-pick to gain entry. Inside, Team Rocket takes a small bowl. Suddenly, a patrolman spots them, but James hurls bottle caps, meant to resemble {{m|Pay Day}}, at him as they make their getaway.
InThe anotherpolice partarrive ofat town,the {{TRT}}crime breaksscene intoa afew storagehours buildinglater. DressedAn inofficer oddtells uniformsJenny that they have apprehended the thieves, [[Jessie]]but commandsthey are revealed to be Ash, Misty, Brock, and {{MTRAP|Pikachu}}, towho pickare caught in a lock.giant Toball herof frustration,web. MeowthJenny breakslets histhem claw,go and Jessieexplains tellsthat Meowththey thatmistook them for [[The Black Arachnid]], coulda breakthief throughthat thousandshad ofonce locksterrorized whileCatallia MeowthCity can’tover evena openhundred a singleyears oneago. UsingJenny anotices lockPikachu pick,and [[James]]Togepi entersand asks the building.trio Inside,if Teamthey Rocketare takesthe aprofessional smallPokémon bowl.crime-fighters Suddenly,her asister patrolmanfrom spots[[New them,Bark butTown]] Jamestold hurlsthem bottle capsabout, meantwhich toAsh resemble {{m|Pay Day}}, at him as they make their getawayaffirms.
The police arrive at the crime scene a few hours later. An officer tells Jenny that they have apprehended the thieves. They approach Ash, Misty, Brock and {{AP|Pikachu}}, who are caught in a giant ball of web. Jenny lets them go and explains that they mistook them for The Black Arachnid, a thief that terrorized Catallia City over a hundred years ago. Jenny notices Pikachu and Togepi and asks the team if they’re the professional Pokémon crime fighters her sister from [[New Bark Town]] told them about. Ash complies, andthen asks why the police force uses Spinarak instead of {{pTP|Officer Jenny|Growlithe}}., and Jenny explains to him that it’sit is traditional to use Spinarak in Catallia City. A long time ago, The Black Arachnid ransacked the town. He was known for his stealthiness and his professionalism.Meowth Accompaniedransacked bythe a Meowthtown, they usedusing Pay Day to scare the police off whenever it seemed like they were about to get captured. However, The Black Arachnid was stoppedeventually thankscaptured to the efforts ofby the Officer Jenny fromof eight generations ago and her Spinarak's web. UsingJenny itsthen web,reveals thethat her Spinarak stoppedis descended from the same one that caught The Black Arachnid. deadAsh then decides to assist in histhe tracksmanhunt for the thieves. JennyMeanwhile, saysatop thata herclock Spinaraktower, isJessie descendeddevises fromtheir thenext sameplan: oneshe thatwill caughtsend Thea Blackletter Arachnidtelling overthe apolice centurywhat ago.they Ashare volunteersgoing to capturesteal. theWhile thieves becausethey it’ssend wrongguards to usepatrol Pokémonthe forsite, criminalTeam acts.Rocket will stealthily take the item.
OnThe toppolice ofreceive theJessie's clock towerletter, Jessiewhich devisesproclaims theirThe nextBlack plan.Arachnid Afraidis ofplanning losingto hissteal bottlethe capmayor's collection,prized Jamestrophy scoldsat Meowthmidnight. forAsh eatingsends out of{{AP|Squirtle}}, the{{AP|Bulbasaur}}, bowl{{AP|Charizard}}, theyand stole.{{AP|Heracross}} Jessieto suggestsstand thatguard; insteadSpinarak ofcreates stuffingwebs hisaround facethe perimeter; and Jenny, MeowthAsh, couldand behis learningfriends Payremain Dayinside the mayor's mansion. SuddenlyWhen midnight hits, shehowever, getsThe anBlack ideaArachnid doesn't show up. She’llBelieving sendthe athreat letterhas tellingpassed, the policemayor whatrushes they’rein goingand gives the group a giant meal to steal,celebrate and whilecongratulate theythem. sendAfter guardsthey tofinish patroleating, the sitelights go out, and Team Rocket willappears takefrom the itemceiling. fromThey underannounce their nosesarrival with their {{motto}}, allowing Ash and his friends to deduce their true identities. Ash asks how they got in, and they explain that they hid in the attic all day. He then asks why they didn't show up at midnight, and Meowth admits that they fell asleep.
TheJames policeuses receivePay Jessie's letter,Day and theyescapes learnwith thatthe Thetrophy. BlackTeam ArachnidRocket isflees planningin totheir steal[[Team the mayorRocket's prizedmechas|Meowth trophyballoon]], atbut midnight.Spinarak's Jennyweb convincesstops thethem. mayorThe totrio letpulls theout teamthree handlelarge it,fans and hecontinues givestheir it the okescape. Ash sends out {{AP|Squirtle}},'s {{APm|Bulbasaur}},Water {{AP|CharizardGun}} and Bulbasaur's {{APm|HeracrossRazor Leaf}} tocauses standthe guard.balloon Squirtleto divesstart intolosing theair, poolhowever. BulbasaurThis goesallows intoCharizard ato flowerbed.burn Heracrossthe climbsweb upwith a tree{{m|Flamethrower}}, andcausing Charizardthe pretendsballoon to bespin out of control. Spinarak then shoots a statuestream stationedof nextweb to astop Team Rocket. Charizard proceeds to {{pm|BlastoiseTackle}} fountainthe balloon, causing Team Rocket to blast off and their cache of loot to fall. SpinarakEveryone alsomanages helpsto bycatch creatingevery webslast aroundpiece of the perimeterloot, while Jenny,Spinarak Ashshoots andout hisa friendsweb remainto insidesave the mayor's mansiontrophy.
A few minutes before midnight, Ash struggles to stay awake. The clock hits twelve, but The Black Arachnid doesn't show up. They mayor rushes in and gives the group a giant meal to celebrate and congratulate them. After they finish eating, the lights go out. Suddenly bottle caps start falling into the room and Team Rocket appears from the ceiling. They announce their arrival with their classic {{motto}}, allowing Ash and his friends to realize that it is Team Rocket impersonating The Black Arachnid. Ash asks how they got in, and they explain that they hid in the attic all day. He then asks why they didn't show up at midnight, and Meowth admits that they fell asleep. James uses Pay Day and escapes with the trophy. Team Rocket gets away in their [[Team Rocket's mechas|Meowth Balloon]], but Spinarak's web stops them. The trio pull out three large fans, and continue their escape. Squirtle uses {{m|Water Gun}}, followed by Bulbasaur’s {{m|Razor Leaf}}, causing the balloon to start losing air. Charizard burns the web with a {{m|Flamethrower}} causing Team Rocket's balloon to spin out of control, and to the mayor's horror, with the trophy still in their possession. Spinarak shoots a stream of web to stop Team Rocket. Charizard {{m|Tackle}}s the balloon, causing Team Rocket to blast off and their cache of loot to fall. Ash tells everyone to catch something. With everyone's hands full, the trophy has yet to be saved. Ash dives in to intercept it, but Spinarak suddenly shoots out a web to catch the treasure, finishing the job.
The next morning, Jenny reports that everything that was stolen has been returned to their rightful owners. She wishes the team the best of luck as they head out of Catallia City. Meanwhile, Team Rocket sobs over their loss. Jessie blames James and Meowth for messing things up, and everyone gets into a brawl.