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Core series game mechanics
Might I ask why Glitch Pokémon are included as part of the game mechanics.
[[User:Zellfaze|Zellfaze]] 09:49, 14 October 2009 (UTC)
== Core series game mechanics ==
Since there is an article for [[Mystery Dungeon game mechanics]] I think there should be an article that describes the game mechanics for the [[core series]]. This category page doesn't do a good job of organizing the information or providing any overview of how the battle system works. Some of this is covered in [[Pokémon battle#In_the_games]] but it could be more detailed and be more technical.
The main information I would like to see and think I would be able to contribute is which game mechanics were introduced in each generation, such as:
[[Generation I]] - [[Base stats]], [[individual values]], [[effort values]], [[evolution]], move [[priority]], [[accuracy]]...
[[Generation II]] - [[Time]], [[breeding]], [[Dark]] type, [[Steel]] type...
[[Generation III] - [[Nature]]s, overworld [[weather]] that affects battle conditions ...
I originally thought the best place for such a list would be on the [[generation]] page, which has a table that lists the changes between each generation, but it is already very wide, and there are many so it would also make it very tall.
Maybe there's a way to organize the category page by generation? Or tags for "Game mechanics introduced in Generation III" etc?
Thanks --[[User:Greengiant|Greengiant]] ([[User talk:Greengiant|talk]]) 05:04, 24 September 2018 (UTC)