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Game mechanics have been introduced in each [[generation]] of the [[core series]] of [[Pokémon games]] to increase the complexity of {{pkmn|training}} and [[Pokémon battle|battling]] [[Pokémon]].

=== [[Generation I]] ===

* Encountering and [[Catch rate|catching]] [[Wild Pokémon|wild]] Pokémon species
* Battling using [[damage]]-dealing [[move|moves]] with a base [[power]] and [[accuracy]], learned by experience or via [[TM|TMs]]/[[HM|HMs]] and limited by [[Power Point|Power Points]]
* Five [[base stats|base battle statistics]] ([[Statistic#Hit Points|Hit Points]], [[Statistic#|Attack]], [[Statistic#Defense|Defense]], [[Statistic#Special|Special]], and [[Statistic#Speed|Speed]])
* 15 [[types]] (assigned to Pokémon and to moves) and the [[same-type attack bonus]]
* [[Experience]] achieved by winning battles determining [[level]], a stat multiplier
* [[Status condition|Status conditions]]
* [[Evolution]]
* [[Obedience]]
* [[Individual values]] and [[effort values]]
* [[Held item|Held items]]
* [[In-game trade|Trading]]
* [[Friendship]] ([[Red's Pikachu (game)|Pikachu]])

=== [[Generation II]] ===

* [[Gender]]
* {{pkmn|Breeding}}
* [[Time]]
* [[Weather]] (In-Battle)
* [[Berry|Berries]]
* [[Statistic#Special_Attack|Special Attack]] and [[Statistic#Special Defence|Special Defence]] stats replace Special stat
* [[Steel]] type
* [[Dark]] type
* [[Shiny Pokémon]]
* Friendship (All Pokémon)

=== [[Generation III]] ===

* Weather (Overworld)
* [[Nature]]
* [[Abilities]]
* [[Double Battles]]
* [[Personality values]]
* [[Contact]]

=== [[Generation IV]] ===
* [[Characteristic|Characteristics]]
* [[Damage category]] no longer determined by type

=== [[Generation VI]] ===
* [[Mega Evolution]]
* [[Affection]]
* [[Fairy]] type

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