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{{chap|Gold, Silver & Crystal}}
[[File:Pika and Chuchu Egg.png|thumb|left|200px|Chuchu with Pika and their Egg]]
[[File:Yellow and Chuchu.png|thumb|left|150px|Chuchu and Yellow]]
Chuchu was captured{{pkmn2|caught}} about three years after {{adv|Yellow}}'s first appearance in the {{chap|Red, Green & Blue}}. In ''[[PS111|Tyranitar War]]'', Yellow mentions that she found Chuchu injured in [[Viridian Forest]] and took her in. After introducing her to her uncle [[Wilton]], he notes that Chuchu had grown quite attached to her and expounded on his real objective, which was to ask Yellow to go to the [[Johto]] region with him to investigate about {{p|Lugia}}. Because the sheer magnitude of a monster that they are dealing with does not leave him with many options alone, he needed someone to go with him, and Yellow came up with the idea to ask {{adv|Red}}. After Yellow found him training near Viridian Forest, Chuchu seemed to take a liking to [[Pika]] soon after they met. However, with Red's wrists and ankles still weak from the damage that [[Lorelei]]'s ice cuffs left on them, he needed to recover at the hot springs of [[Mt. Silver]], and left Pika behind. Alongside Pika and Yellow, Chuchu flew to Johto on [[Kitty]] with Wilton's own {{p|Butterfree}}, where they soon encountered {{adv|Crystal}} after the latter mistook Pika for a wild Pokémon. Soon, however, the two [[Trainers]] got involved in Lugia's rampage and lost consciousness in the shipwreck.
Following the incident, Chuchu and Pika produced an {{pkmn|Egg}} in ''[[PS160|Playful Porygon2]]'' when Pika spent time with her in the Johto [[Pokémon Day Care|Day-Care Center]]. When some [[Team Rocket]] members attacked the Day-Care Center, Chuchu, in a desperate attempt to protect her egg, flew, with the help of balloons, carrying Pika and their Egg. When the [[Masked Man]] took the three hostage near [[Ilex Forest]], {{adv|Gold}} embraced their Egg and took a number of blows to guard it, hatching the {{p|Pichu}} that the Egg contained. With [[Pibu|Pichu]]'s assistance, the boy eventually succeeded in defeating the villain, and Chuchu's offspring was left in his care.