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In a {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}'s [[Pokédex]] informationentry, the '''category'''<ref name="PMD" /><ref name="GTI" /><ref name="Pro" /><ref name="BW" /><ref name="ORAS" /><ref name="SM" /><ref name="Dex" /><ref>In [[Camp Pokémon]]</ref> (Japanese: '''{{tt|分類|ぶんるい}}''' ''classification'') is a name which identifies the Pokémon based on one of its defining biological characteristics. Most often, the defining traits are part of the Pokémon’s physiology, special abilities, or behavior. It was previously also known as '''species'''.<ref name="B2W2" /><ref name="XY" /><ref>[ Poké Pokédex (archive)]</ref>
Because categories reference [[Animals in the Pokémon world|real-world animals]], they may be viewed as metatextual clues about the inspiration for Pokémon, instead of in-universe data.