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==As a fan==
I've played the [[games]] since they came out when I was 10, the perfect age to start as a [[Pokémon trainer]]. Out of the main series, I've played [[Pokémon Red and Blue|Red]], [[Pokémon Yellow|Yellow]], [[Pokémon Gold and Silver|Gold]], [[Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire|Ruby]], and [[Pokémon Diamond and Pearl|Diamond]]. [[Generation II]] is my favorite series of games, and I like [[Johto]] more than any other region. I really wish they would remake it for the [[Nintendo DS|DS]].
I follow the [[anime]] series, but I find [[Ash]] to be a very boring character, so that is probably my least favorite aspect of the franchise. I have never actually purchased a volume of [[Pokémon Special]], but I love the art and storyline.
I'm not a huge [[Pokémon battle|battler]]. Instead, I'm really interested in the characters and how they are portrayed in different [[canon]]s, especially the [[Gym Leaders]] and [[Elite Four]]. My favorites are [[Morty]], [[Brawly]], [[Volkner]], [[Wallace]], [[Cynthia]], and [[Jasmine]].
I think all [[shipping|ships]] have their merit, but I particularly like the [[wp:BL|BL]] ships [[Shipping:PalletShipping|ShigeSato]], [[Shipping:PreciousMetalShipping|Silver x Gold]], and Morty x Falkner. Even still, I think [[Shipping:PokéShipping|Ash and Misty]] are made for each other, and I also think Silver and Jasmine would be extremely cute together. I'm split between [[Shipping:OriginShipping|Steven x Wallace]] and [[Shipping:GracefulShipping|Wallace x Winona]]. Oh well! I love speculation.
==Japanese Links==