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|epname=Ring Masters
|desc=Raiden's {{p|Feraligatr}} is Raiden's only known Pokémon, which he trained for the [[Sumo Conference]] in [[Rikishii Town]]. It used other Pokémon, including a {{p|Nidoking}}, a {{p|Heracross}}, and later a {{p|Granbull}}, to hone its technique. Then, at the Sumo Conference, {{TRT}} werewas causing havoc by falsely entering a Pokémon that did not match the qualifications. andHowever, Feraligatr sent them blasting off with a Hydro Pump. During the Sumo Conference, Feraligatr's knocked out its first opponent, a {{p|Golem}}, in one hit in spite of the weight disadvantage.
Its next onscreen match was against a very strong {{p|Blastoise}}. It was evenly matched, but in the end, Feraligatr managed to win and proceeded to the finals, where he would fight against [[Ash's Snorlax]]. In the final match, Snorlax made the first move, but Feraligatr dodged it. Because of this, Snorlax barely managed to retain its balance. Teetering on the edge of the ring, it still managed to dodge Feraligatr's attack. Raiden was shocked but also impressed with how deceptively agile Snorlax was.
Both of them then made an impressive move, but as Feraligatr was about to push Snorlax out of the ring, Ash told Snorlax to take a deep breath. Using its stomach to push Feraligatr away, it managed to save itself. Feraligatr then tossed Snorlax, but Ash's Pokémon landed safely in the ring, causing the entire stadium to shake. Due to this, Feraligatr lost its balance and Snorlax managed to push it out of the ring, winning the match and the competition.