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Appendix:HeartGold and SoulSilver walkthrough/Section 4

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Pokémon Day Care
As you approach from the south, Lyra/Ethan approaches from the north to visit the couple, who turn out to be her/his grandparents. She/He gives you her/his phone number before leaving, and the Day-Care Man gives out both his and his wife's numbers. This allows you to check up on your Pokémon at any time.
Any Pokémon left here will gain one [[Experience|experience point]] for every step taken. However, the Johto Day Care accepts up to two Pokémon to raise at once. If both a male and female are left together, the old couple may find an [[Pokémon Egg|Egg]]. Travel with the Egg for a while, and it will eventually hatch. This is the only way to get more members of a certain species that only one are available in-game, like {{p|Eevee}}, and baby Pokémon, like {{p|Pichu}}. In place of a compatible pair, a shape-shifting {{p|Ditto}} makes a great substitute.