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Dr. Proctor

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Dr. Proctor is a womanizer; he made advances on {{an|Misty}}, [[Jessie]], and [[Nurse Joy]]. However, these attempts failed on Misty and Nurse Joy, but not on Jessie, who fell for him immediately.
Proctor also appeared to be very lazy, but mostly, he had very little confidence that he could treat Pokémon, as he had no experience in the matter. He didn't want to open up his hospital to treat any of the injured Pokémon until {{Ash}}, {{ashfr}}, and Nurse Joy convinced him to. However, once he was engaged, he became a skilled and competent physician, treating his patients with confidence and compassion. He also proved to be a formidable fighter, using his medical equipment as weapons to help foil {{TRT}}'s attempt to steal all of the injured Pokémon again.
==Voice actors==