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The group enters the power plant and notice that nobody is there to greet them. Misty locates a map and points out the direction to the central control room. Misty gets spooked as something flies behind her. Ash calls out Misty's cowardice, though soon after she and Brock spot something behind Ash. He turns around though nobody is there. The shadowy figure, with a glowing blue eye, appears behind Pikachu. Fearing the worst, Ash looks it up on the [[Pokédex]] and the mysterious creature is revealed to be a {{p|Magnemite}}, the Magnet Pokémon. Ash decides to try to catch it, but Magnemite only seems interested in Pikachu, and begins to follow him. Ash yells at the Magnemite to cut it out, and the Magnemite backs off.
A nasty stench then enters the corridor. They turn around to see a grating fall off the ceiling, followed by several Grimer. Brock decides that it would be best not to say anything to insult their pride. Ash pretends to compliment their unique smell, but Misty says it stinks, and the leader of the Grimer, a {{p|Muk}}, rises from behind them. With a command from Muk, the Grimer attack, insulted by Misty's comment. Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu run. As they round the corner, they bump into two plant workers. The Grimer approach, and they all start running for the control room. They all hide in the control room, and Brock bolsters the door shut. One of the workers explains that the Grimer are clogging the sea intake valve, preventing the power from coming back on. The Grimer throw themselves at the door and soon bust it open. Pikachu uses his {{m|Thunder Shock}} attack to knock out some of the Grimer, but it isn't enough. Suddenly, the Magnemite knock out the control room's ceiling grate, and several Magnemite and {{p|Magneton}} arrive. Their combined electric attack proves effective and they manage to also scare off the Grimer blocking the flow of water into the power plant, and the power is restored.
However, the Muk leader remains. Pikachu uses Thunder Shock, and Pikachu's obsessed Magnemite assists with a Thunder Shock of its own. The combined electric attacks knock the Muk unconscious, and Ash catches it in a {{ball|Poké}}. To his discontent, he realizes that the smell of the {{AP|Muk}} comes through the Poké Ball. Later, Pikachu seems to be a lot better, and one of the power plant workers explains that when an electric mouse builds up too much electricity, its body becomes magnetized and it seems as though it has a cold. Magnemite was in love with Pikachu because he was magnetized, but now that Pikachu is better, Magnemite is no longer interested.