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The current Bulbagarden website is the successor site to [], a first-generation Pokémon fansite that existed around 1999-20001999–2000, competing back then with such sites as [[The PokéMasters]] (TPM), [[Azure Heights]], and the original [[Universal Pokémon Network|UPN]].
Together with [[Universal Pokémon Network]], [[The PokéMasters]] and [[Pokémon Abode]], Bulbagarden formed a partnership known as the Anti-Spammer Alliance from 1999-20001999–2000. After the dissolution of these websites' original communities, the group became retroactively known as the Big Four, as they were generally considered to be the largest, most active, and best run Pokémon forums of their day.
===Death and revival: 2001-20022001–2002===
The original site was shut down at the beginning of 2001, when the collapse of the {{wp|dot-com_bubble|dot-com bubble}} caused severe web advertising trouble for the vast majority of Pokémon sites, including most of Bulbagarden's major rivals. The advertising issue left [[Anenga (person)|Bulba]] unable to pay for the server. The files were held in stasis on the server until the beginning of February, during which time the (then) -forum head admin [[Archaic]] launched a desperate bid to fund the server for just one more month, enough to be allowed access to the files again and to make a forum backup.
In late 2002, following significant downtime on the part of [[]], ''Mozz'' and Archaic began to plan for the revival of Bulbagarden, with Mozz providing the initial funding. They obtained permission from Bulba, and Archaic began inviting staff members and well-known users from other fansites to join the staff for the new site. A large group of staff members of The PokéMasters, dissatisfied with the situation on that site at the time, chose to join Archaic's project.
===Early years: 2003-20052003–2005===
Bulbagarden officially opened to the public on January 1, 2003 as '''', although only [[Bulbagarden forums]] existed at the time. Efforts to establish a website were made throughout 2003-2004, but while a pilot site was completed, the full version never actually went online. Moreover, despite the forum's quick initial growth, the lack of a website as well as the slumping fandom following the end of the [[original series]] and the release of {{game|Ruby and Sapphire|s}} resulted in long period of low activity.