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* The segment where Brock fantasizes about marrying Nurse Joy and his Croagunk marrying hers echoes that of a similar fantasy he had in ''[[EP165|Hassle in the Castle]]'' where he dreamed of marrying [[Dr. Anna|a woman]] while his {{TP|Brock|Zubat|Crobat}} married her female Pokémon of the same species. Coincidentally, both Croagunk and Zubat (now Crobat) are Brock's only {{t|Poison}} types.
* During the {{m|Brick Break}} contest, only [[Brock's Croagunk]]'s hands glow white.
* The dub title refers to the phrase "''the cream of the crop''".
* Hamilton's hair, eyes, eyebrows, and face shape were changed sometime after the character was first seen, and he no longer has sunglasses; his own Japanese name as well as Craig's were also changed. The changes were made by the Japanese producers to avoid lawsuits from the makers of {{wp|Dokonjō Gaeru}}. As a result, several scenes needed to be completely reanimated and Yuriko Yamaguchi, [[Yōko Sōmi]], and [[Tetsu Inada]] (the respective voices of [[Nurse Joy]], [[Hamilton]], and [[Crasher Wake]]) had to re-record a few lines due to the name changes. Hamilton was meant to be a direct parody of the main character of the series, Hiroshi.
* This is the first episode in which two voice actors return to the series - [[David Brimmer]] and [[Jason Griffith]].